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Non-Invasive Mold Remediation Scope of Work


An investment company reached out to me regarding a property that had been abandoned during the rough-in building stage.  These 4-plex units (3-stories high) were built during the rainy season and sat fully exposed to the elements for approximately two years without ever being dried in.  Three of the four complexes had the roof and windows installed, while the fourth unit was still in need of the roof and windows. There was visible evidence of surface mold growing on the exterior OSB sheathing, interior OSB sheathing, some stud walls and baseplates, along with the subfloors throughout each of the three levels in all four buildings.  


The local building department required that a licensed and bonded company mitigate the mold. During my initial inspection, I took a bottle of Goldmorr GM6000 stain remover and showed several examples of what the wood building materials would look like in comparison with before/after locations identified (see picture image of wall cavity). 


I also showed an example of how well the trusses would clean up with instant results (see video clip). 

Additionally, before and after surface samples were taken throughout the structure identifying various species of mold before treatment with none detected post treatment. Post particle testing was also performed using a third-party, calibrated particle counter in order to ascertain levels in relation to ISO 14644-1 (International Standards Organization) in each unit and building with a clean bill of health noted upon completion.   

apt sheeting before view 1
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