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Goldmorr's patented products and

testing are only available to

trained and licensed companies.

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The benefits of a franchise without the cost!

Your investment can be made back on your first job!

What is included in the Goldmorr License?

Access to

Proprietary Products

  • Scientifically-proven mold remediation & air quality treatment system

  • Low startup costs

  • No franchise or ongoing fees or quotas

"Our first project using the GM system and I am very pleased with the results! Looking forward to many more successful projects with Goldmorr!"

Columbus Environmental & Waterproofing Solutions  (Renynoldsburg, OH)

Neil Bookout

Specialized & Ongoing Training

  • How to use the system and get the most out of it

  • Training for entire staff & new employees

  • 6 IICRC Continuing Education Credits

Live Online Class
(Two 3-Hour Sessions)

Nov. 18th / 19th
12:00 pm (CST)

Dec. 16th / 17th

12:00 pm (CST)

3rd Party Clearance Testing

  • Exclusive access to patented reporting system

  • Provide real-time results for customer

  • Based on standards by International Standards Organization (ISO) and supported by World Health Organization (WHO)

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"$5,000 in particle testing performed in 2 months alone, without advertising."

Certified Indoor Air (Olympia, WA) Randy Gandara

Marketing Materials

  • Access to photos & reports to use in your own advertising

  • Access to brochures with your company logo

  • Access to customer-friendly educational documents

Additional Revenue Streams

  • Content Cleaning

  • Auto Detailing

  • Nicotine & Trauma Odor Removal

  • Property Management

Access to Additional Innovative Products

  • As a Goldmorr Company, you will have access to 21st Global's complete suite of industry-leading products as they become available

  • Be the industry leader in your location

The Goldmorr Family

With hundreds of registered Goldmorr Companies across the country, there's likely one near you!

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Goldmorr distributors also in Australia, England, Japan, New Zealand