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Keep Your Trap Shut

Sometimes we shoot ourselves in the foot on our mold remediation jobs as far as getting the final air quality readings or sample results we desire. We go through all the standard application protocols and yet we keep getting elevated numbers on our final clearance tests.

One thing that often gets overlooked is any drain traps or open drains in the building. Any open drain to the sewer can drastically effect the final air quality results. If you or others have had to pull toilets or exposed any other sewer lines, you have an open invitation to air contaminant infiltration. In fact the fogging process we employ can draw these contaminants into the environment.

And don't forget the traps in the house. A P-trap is only effective if it is full of water. Oftentimes we find ourselves working in areas that have been vacant or unused for some time. Over that time, traps water will evaporate out, leaving another open path to sewer contaminants.

Before starting your Goldmorr treatment, tape or block all open and floor drains and make sure any traps have water in them (pour a quart down the drain).

So remember, when it comes to getting the best final air quality results on your next Goldmorr project...Keep Your Trap Shut!

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