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Certifiable Excellence

Here's another great attic result from Randy (our General Manager) at Certified Indoor Air in Olympia, WA. He's knocking out these attics left and right. The IAQ analytics side is really setting the table for him. Everyone's keyed into air quality now and after seeing the IAQ reports they want to get the treatment. Here's a blurb on this job from Randy:

"This was a $4000 job (including tax) done in one day. This was a fairly sizeable job, approximately 2500 SF with a lot of surface area to cover, including trusses, and higher pitch, so it took more product and labor to do it properly. A good reminder for our customers to assess whether or not trusses are also in need of cleaning as this will take a little longer to do the job and will consume more product. I originally was going to bid this job higher, but gave a reduced price/SF due to overall size of project and thought I might price myself out if I went above that $4K mark."

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