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Deep in the Heart of Texas

Had an awesome opportunity to head down to Central Texas last month and train up the staff of a local independent school district.

They had a huge mold problem in an old gymnasium area at their high school. They had received a remediation bid from a contractor for $80K which was a back breaker for their budget.

Goldmorr to the rescue...

We went down and trained their staff and supervised the 2 day remediation with the Goldmorr System. As expected, results came back great, at a fraction of the cost.

Plus they're now setup to take care of their future needs.

You can see in the attached video an example of the post treatment particle count readings achieved on the project.

Here's before and after video of wooden storage shelves in the Gymnasium basement. Heavily soiled with mold, just apply the Goldmorr 6000 and let it do it's thing.

Then a thorough fogging with Goldmorr Thermo and ... Job well done!

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