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Goldmorr Technicians continue to provide services that create real life stories worthy of sharing, proving our products change peoples lives... BUSINESSES AND CUSTOMERS!

Scott Mims

Mimsco - Alabama

Goldmorr ‘saved the day’... 

“We were in a large attic that had serious mold contamination deep in the wood sheathing and supports. We were attempting to use a hydrogen peroxide based product and steel brushes to remove the embedded mold. Even applying the H-‐peroxide 3 times and scrubbing with steel brushes wasn’t removing the staining. Our first shipment of Goldmorr product had yet to arrive so we brought in our ice blasting equipment and began to use it. Then the Goldmorr arrived in the mail and we immediately mixed up a bottle of the GM6000 and applied some to the wood previously treated with the peroxide and it instantly removed the mold staining! We then treated the rest of the attic and the results were simply amazing! Great results with so much less labor!”

Steve Prothero

Rocky Mtn Catastrophe

"We remediate a lot of mold infested crawlspaces here in the mountains. Before Goldmorr we had to use dry ice blasting and every job took several days and at least three technicians, which meant that our profit margins were lucky to be 35 – 30%. Now that we are using Goldmorr, we routinely complete even the toughest projects in about a day with only one to two technicians and our margins have soared well above 80%!  Haven’t touched the dry ice machine since our first Goldmorr project either!"

Robert Peterson

A Better Restoration

“We just completed a 70 condo unit mold remediation project where a rainstorm flooded the new construction site prior to the roofs going in. There was mold growing like crazy, even on the gyp-crete floors. Some of our competitors had tried unsuccessfully to remediate the project but failed. We used the Goldmorr system as part of our remediation method and our clearance testing results were astounding! More than half the cleaned units passed with ‘no mold spores detected’. Both the Hygenist and the property owners were amazed and pleased with the results!."
James "Bo" Tucker - Midwest Mold Removal

"We were hired to perform remediation for amplified microbial growth in a basement.  The customer had an industrial hygienist conduct pre and post spore trap testing.  The hygienist was "very hesitant" about the Goldmorr System and process since "no containment was built and no air scrubbing machines were used". 


After the basement was cleaned and the job passed "with amazing results, this hygienist was baffled on how we could do a job that was this high in fail level (pre-treatment), all in one day."  A few days later, we received a call from the hygienist who said "I an now referring clients to you for remediation!  You just changed the industry.  Many people need this because they can't afford it traditionally." 


Besides the mind-blowing results, our company was already distanced from the competition by price.  We came in way, way less than the lowest quote because Goldmorr allows 21st century technology to prevail over the good ole' boy method.  Goldmorr -- simply it works!"

James Hahner - Campbell Crossing, LLC

"In November 2018, shortly after our September 2018 training, we were called in to clean and clear a residence, following another remediation company’s 4-day attempt.  After the other company’s post-treatment air quality & tape lift tests reported fails, they even asserted the “furniture and mattress need to be disposed of properly.”

From start to finish, the job took us 8 hours.  Using the Goldmorr products, the furniture and mattress were properly treated and cleaned and remained in the home during the fogging phase. The end clearly shows the results of Goldmorr products.  The post-clearance tests following the Goldmorr treatment were all passes. I got more accomplished in 8 hours than they did with 4 people in 4 days.

Since the job mentioned above, we have kept busy using Goldmorr (what one of our competitors refers to as our “magic dust”). In July 2019, Hahner reported,  'We’ve done 176 homes in the last 3 months – and we’re getting great results!'”
James Myers - Home Repair Connect, LLC

"GM2000 is bad@#*!!.  Our most recent client requested an actual Air-O-Cell test when we completed the job.  The numbers were so low that the lab called to make sure we had ran the full (time).  We have used another popular product for fogging and had good results; but I've never seen numbers this low post remediation.  Very glad we've connected!"
Brad S - Utah

"It was our first large mold remediation job using the Goldmorr System.  We had a very large
attic space with extensive mold coverage on the underside of roofing, the joists, the walls and studs.  We cleaned 1,775 SF of structure using 7 gallons of product.  
The product worked as advertised with no agitation or hand cleaning required.  We completed the initial application of the Goldmorr 6000 in just over 2 hours, which included setup time.  We returned 24 hours later and passed a clearance test with flying colors." 
I could not be happier with results of the Goldmorr System.  Thank you for introducing us to this valuable revenue source."
Jon Dacken - Forensic Industrial Hygienist

Before I tell you my story, let me tell you a little about myself. It helps the story make more
sense.  I have been a forensic industrial hygienist for more than 18 years. Although I am licensed in lead and asbestos, my first love has always been mold and indoor air quality.

In my work I first determine if there is a mold problem. If I find a mold problem, I design and write the abatement protocol to remove the mold. I often oversee the actual abatement work. Successful abatement is then confirmed by clearance testing. I also work as an expert witness.
And I have solved a lot of mold cases throughout the United States! I stopped counting after I did case number 1,000, which was several years ago.

In the spring of 2011 I had the privilege to meet Rob Goldsworthy and Sue Morrice, and to attend their training to become a Goldmoor Master Technician. I have to admit, at the time, I thought it sounded too good to be true!

Very soon after returning from my Goldmorr training I had the opportunity to use the process. It was a particularly difficult case. The abatement contractor followed the protocol I had written to the letter. And yet he failed clearance – three times. My protocol was based on the traditional asbestos abatement techniques I had used for years. And even though we used air scrubbers, negative air, and every other tool in our toolbox, we could not get rid of the mold. Very frustrating (and embarrassing)!

So I decided to use the Goldmorr process. We applied GM 6000 to the surface discoloration on the wall framing and on the subflooring. Then we fogged the air with GM 2000. The results were spectacular!  Not only did we pass clearance testing the first time, but the wall framing we treated looked so good I was accused of replacing the old framing with new lumber.
Since then I have used the Goldmorr process on many projects, and have been delighted with the results each time.  Does the Goldmorr process work?  Absolutely! In fact the results still amaze me. I now use the Goldmorr system exclusively. It is faster and less expensive than any other abatement method I have used. Not only are my clients delighted with the results, butI also have a very competitive advantage over other mold abatement contractors still using the old methods.
If you are considering adopting the Goldmorr process as your mold abatement system, I highly encourage you to do so. I know you, too, will be amazed at the results.

P.S. I have not received any compensation for telling you my story. I just wanted to share my success, and encourage you to enjoy the same
spectacular results I see with every project.

The Goldmorr Family

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